How does tooth decay occur?

Tooth decay is the loss of solid tooth structure as a result of bacteria that make acid from the sugars in food. This is a process that occurs over time- as the repeated cycles of acid attacks cause the enamel to continue to lose mineral.

Tooth decay can be stopped or reversed at this point. Enamel can repair itself by using minerals from saliva, and fluoride from toothpaste or other sources.

But if the tooth decay process continues, the enamel is weakened and destroyed, forming a cavity- a permanent damage that needs to be repaired with a filling. If too much tooth structure is lost, the tooth may require a larger and stronger restorative method (ie. crown). 

We offer:

  • Mercury-free Resin Fillings: tooth colored fillings. We do not use Amalgam fillings.
  • Sealants: non-invasive preventative fillings
  • Crowns: Porcelain/Ceramic, Gold
Dental restoration due to trauma.

Dental restoration due to trauma.